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Efficient and productive field team - how to organize it?

Regardless of the industry, the field team is the showcase of every company. Further cooperation with the client often depends on his professionalism and effectiveness, so it is worth taking care of his perfect organization.

Here are some recommendations for organizing a field team that is effective and productive.


Features of the field team

The field team performs the work away from the rest of the company's staff, which works stationary, and this forces the company to a specific work organization and its control, and appropriate preparation of service technicians. The work of the field team is usually task-oriented and often requires moving between different places. Service technicians should have access to appropriate materials, spare parts, tools, and documentation, and be in constant contact with their superiors. The work schedule often changes dynamically and depends on the circumstances. Happens that in the event of a failure, the service technician has to stop the current order and go to a new place. Therefore, the specificity of fieldwork requires mental resilience and the ability to operate in changing conditions.

Components of the service team that the owners of service companies should take care of

An important link in a service company is undoubtedly the team - its competencies, motivation, and effectiveness. Without valuable and experienced people, it is impossible to provide services at the highest level. The style and quality of work organization are also important, including work planning, communication, task supervision and monitoring, and work accounting. Efficient customer service - high-quality services, responding to new needs, or a competitive offer - allow you to increase sales and retain existing customers. Communication and knowledge base also have an impact on the quality of the services provided. Of course, we should not forget about the safety and compliance with OHS or MRO procedures and the appropriate measurement of the effects of work. These are essential elements in the organization of an effective team field.

Technology that supports service with the power of innovation

The flexibility of services, speed of response, access to current information, the ability to make the right decisions based on real data - all these elements are necessary to meet the expectations of a modern customer. However, the implementation of these elements is not possible without the support of modern technologies, such as the program for service technicians. Each service is based not only on the work and expertise of specialists but also on tailored information technology tools. A good example here is Luceos Smart Service Management - a service management system that ensures optimal order planning and registration of notifications. With features such as the orders calendar, photo documentation, or final reports with the signature of the customer, service business owners can control and optimize the work of their teams.

A modern IT tool (service management software) supporting the work of the field team must meet the following features:

  • Provides access to information and functions from anywhere. Therefore, the key is not only to use the management application or service management program but also to consider the possibility of integration with devices or other IT systems. You should also remember about the expectations of customers and business partners: they increasingly expect that we will provide them access to the appropriately configured Client Portal, Partner Portal or a dedicated mobile application.

  • It is tailored to the specific needs of the company. Therefore, it enables the selection of functions and their configuration in such a way as to complement the business processes in a given company.

  • The program for service technicians grows with the company. This means that the cost of implementing and maintaining a service management system should be low, but also as new needs arise, the software allows you to activate new functions and increase system efficiency without large investment outlays. The ideal solution that meets this requirement is to buy software in a subscription model, operating in a cloud guaranteed and managed by the application provider.

Technological solutions that increase the effectiveness of each service

When implementing technological solutions, such as a service management system or a mobile management application in your company, you should also consider the implementation of a web portal for managers and the board of directors. The management staff with this tool can plan and monitor work taking into account the location and specificity of individual orders. Thanks to the functionality of the service management program, we gain the ability to monitor the status of tasks or day-offs in real-time, which leads us to better employee management. An important aspect is also a mobile application for field employees, running on phones or tablets, providing access to information about each order or history of previous activities. The application includes functions of order status, electronic documentation, and reports, that allow you to analyze and control orders. The program for service technicians enables full communication with the rest of the team in real-time. The application for the client in the form of a web portal or a mobile application offers numerous functions, such as registration of notifications, device database management, or monitoring of work progress, ensuring a sense of comfort and control for the client. Thanks to this, the cooperation between the service company and the customer is more effective. The application for a subcontractor or partner allows you to receive orders and record the progress of their implementation.


It is worth noting that the Luceos Smart Service Management system provides all of the above elements. Thanks to Luceos Smart, owners can monitor the profitability of services or have an insight into employee performance indicators, thus increasing the effectiveness of the work performed and optimizing profits.

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