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Efficient and productive field team- planning and supervision

Let's find out about the problems of work organization of a field team and proven methods of solving them, by using specialized management applications.


Managing a field team requires special competencies and a specific approach. Leading a field team may raise some problems, such as variability of the workplace and the necessity to cover hundreds of kilometers a day. The second problem is that the employee must be independent and be able to use remote support.

The solution to the problems of field team management is the use of specialized applications for service technicians, field workers management, and smartphones. They ensure instant communication between team members. However, it is important to choose the right tools to improve the work of the team. The lack of an optimal technological solution may lead to the deterioration of customer service in the area of inquiries or flexible response to problems with dissatisfied customers. A weak field team management application inhibits the team work plan optimization process and hinders preventive actions aimed at avoiding or reducing failures.

Integrated IT system that will solve problems with managing a field team

Thanks to the innovative IT solution, the team will be able to work with task calendars or record the attendance of employees and shift schedules. In the application for employee management, it will be possible to optimize activities taking into account the location of orders and the current position of employees. The tool makes it possible to view the details of planned orders, report and check the status, which optimizes the work for all participants of the process - the team and the client. The field worker management application allows you to check all the necessary information in real-time. The employee management application provides great opportunities for automation - from generating periodic and recurring orders, through handling orders for materials, to receiving requests from customers and forwarding them for execution. Communication with the team in the application for service technicians can also go to a higher level - automatic e-mail or SMS notifications about taking an order or its completion is a milestone in mutual cooperation. Automation resulting from the latest technological solutions such as employee management applications will relieve employees from carrying out routine activities.

Luceos Smart Service Management functionalities that will improve team management

Luceos Smart Service Management - a system for managing field employees, allows you to create calendars and schedules for orders, record absences and working shifts. The solution guarantees optimization of schedules and routes, full support of fieldwork, and automatic e-mail and SMS notifications. The application for service technicians - Luceos Smart - enables the possibility to view the current status of work thanks to management panels and Key Performance Indicators measured in real-time. Automatic reports, Client Portal and other useful features make it easy to manage your field team remotely, optimizing the efficiency of orders.

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