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How to effectively manage a team online?

Nowadays, the transition to remote working mode is gradually becoming the norm in many enterprises. It cannot be denied that effective and productive online team management is a demanding task, but there are methods that can significantly facilitate and smooth the work of any remote team.


Managing a team online - what do you need to know?

Work time registration

When you do not see your employees every day you have a problem with an indication of their productivity and the time they spend on performing specific tasks. Some people have an internal discipline that helps them focus on their duties, but a large part of the team will need extra motivation to avoid distraction. That is why work time registration tools are so helpful. Employees will feel responsible for the duties entrusted to them, and you will gain valuable knowledge about how much time they spend on individual tasks.

Find helpful tools

Online team management will become a lot easier with the help of useful tools, and there are tons of free and paid software on the market for this purpose. Moreover, most often they will provide helpful statistics and reports that will help you optimize individual processes in the company. In the case of field service management, Luceos Smart can prove invaluable, as it offers a number of modules tailored to your needs. Thanks to the mobile software, you will have access to photo documentation, a knowledge base, as well as communication with the team and the client.

Choose a qualified team

Unfortunately, not every person can work remotely, so choose your team carefully. In addition to qualifications in a given field, also pay attention to the personality of employees, their home working conditions, and productivity. Prepare a training program, observe the progress measure key performance indicators, and support the continuous development of your team.

Follow the results

Effective online management of a team requires measurement of employee productivity. Thanks to the modules offered by Luceos Smart, you will be able to view order documentation, protocols with the client's signature, attachments, and reports. This will help you determine whether a particular member of the team is productive or not.

How to manage a team online?

Choose your preferred communication types

Communication is the key to success for online work, so choose your preferred types with your team. You can use e-mails, chats, videoconferences, phone calls as well as advanced project management tools.

Develop a proper rhythm of communication

Current matters can be consulted via e-mails, chats, or phone calls, but it is also important to schedule regular videoconferences with teams and individual team members. Such meetings will not only help in the better flow of information within the company but will also allow freer interaction between employees. Remember to limit the number of topics covered and focus only on the most important issues. Long video conferencing, which scatter the smallest details is a huge time-eater.

Build a sense of community

Offices, despite their many flaws, also have a lot of advantages, and the biggest of them is the ability to build a sense of community among employees who see each other every day. Achieving this goal online is a bit more difficult, but it is certainly possible. Each team member should be aware that he does not work separately but is an integral part of the entire project, and the team strives to achieve a collective goal. You can work it out by:

  • celebrating important occasions together, such as birthdays and anniversaries

  • maintaining non-work-related communication

  • actively informing the team about the state of the company, its individual departments, and goals for the future

  • engaging all employees in priority ventures and projects.

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