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baza wiedzy zespołu serwisowego

Service knowledge base

Advanced functions available in Luceos Smart related to the management of an extensive database of customers, their devices and their locations are inextricably integrated with the order management functions. 

Data about customers, devices, contacts and places

Luceos Smart stores and makes available, also to field employees, comprehensive data related to the performed works.


These include:

  1. Data about the client, subcontractor or user:

    • Basic data about the company or person

    • Address details of the registered office and correspondence address,

    • Contact details, including a list of contact persons,

    • Data related to customer management, such as service manager, dedicated service technician, dedicated coordinator,

    • History of orders, including information on the time worked, parts replaced,

  2. Data on serviced devices:

    • Device specification: name, serial number, model, category, type, manufacturer etc.

    • Data about the owner and administrator of the device,

    • Device location,

    • Warranty information, including warranty start and end dates,

    • Device structure: a list of parts that make up the machine,

    • History of used parts,

    • Order history,


Luceos Smart also manages the relationship between the above-mentioned objects as well as orders, notifications and many other data generated in the process of planning, executing and settling orders. Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, the above data is also presented on the maps.

Documentation of devices, customers and orders

Documentation collection function, incl. devices, orders or customer-related - it is an element of building and managing historical service knowledge. Access to such knowledge is essential for carrying out current and planning future activities. Access to the history of the device and detailed documentation (including photos) of completed orders, allows you to avoid surprises during the execution of service orders. It also reduces the time needed to determine the best response to a reported failure and prepare for its removal.

The Luceos Smart system allows you to collect and access documentation from both the mobile application and the portal. The system allows you to attach electronic files, take photos, and add notes in the form of comments and warnings.


The most important elements available in this function are:

  • handling documentation of devices, customers, orders from the website and mobile application,

  • support for various file and photo formats,

  • handling comments and warnings,

  • data synchronization between mobile devices and the website

Managing the skills of the service team

The Luceos Smart system also allows you to document and manage the competences of the service team.

The Skills Management module allows you to define any set of skills and assign the level of their mastery to individual members of the service team. On this basis, the team management can make decisions about the allocation of service orders as well as define training needs and further measure their effectiveness.

The Luceos Smart system also allows you to automatically assign orders based on the requirements related to the task being performed and select people with the appropriate level of qualifications.

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