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Management of absences in the service team

Information about the availability of the service team, and in particular about the absence plan, is a key element in the process of building an order execution schedule.

Leave requests and change of absence status in the Luceos Smart mobile application

The absence management function works both in the portal and in the mobile application. A field worker reports the absence using the application, and the coordinator is immediately informed about it. The coordinator approves or rejects the request submitted by the employee.

program do zarządzania nieobecnościami pracowników
zarządzanie nieobecnościami serwisu
zarządzanie nieobecnościami w zespole

Planning absences - order and absence calendars

The integration of the absenteeism module with the calendar of orders allows the coordinator to see immediately which employees can transfer the order for execution and which will be unavailable at a given moment. This streamlines work planning and increases the efficiency of the service team.

zarządzanie nieobecnościami pracowników
moduł do zarządzania nieobecnościami pracowników

Immediate data flow between the field team and the office

Thanks to the synchronization of the mobile application with the portal, the coordinator can quickly and flexibly react to any changes related to the availability of employees. The absence module also improves the process of accepting leave requests, which allows you to reduce unnecessary administrative work

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