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Portal for the Client and Portal for the Partner / Subcontractor

The main task of the Portal for the Client / Subcontractor is to support the activities of the Customer Service team and the Service Team in terms of contacts with the client or the company carrying out the commissioned work.


Benefits of introducing the Customer Portal and Partner Portal

The implementation of the Portals translates into a significant reduction in costs related to the coordination of work and service for business partners, as well as improving customer satisfaction and relationships with partners.

The most important functions of the Customer Portal and Partner Portal

The most important functions of the Customer Portal and Subcontractor Portal modules are:

  • Providing a dedicated website portal through which external users, using an individual username and password, will gain access to information about service activities performed for them:

    • Lists of notifications and orders with their status

    • Access to order protocols and other documents

    • Access to the list of serviced devices

    • Possibility to create and manage tickets, orders and tasks

    • Insight and the ability to modify the status of dedicated warehouses

    • Access to the knowledge base and documentation

  • Enabling the customer to enter various types of service requests related to breakdowns, maintenance works, offers.

  • Updating selected information about customer devices, such as status, location


Who can use the Customer Portal and Partner Portal

The management of access to the Customer Portal and the Subcontractor Portal is performed independently by the users of the Luceos Smart Service Management system. Access to the Portals may be assigned to selected business partners and their individual employees. The scope of access to various functions of the Portal is controlled by the rights management module.



Customization of the appearance and functions of the Customer Portal and the Parnter Portal

The graphic design of the Portal as well as access to data or functions are usually tailored to individual needs. The portal can also be integrated with our client's public site.

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