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Kluczowe wskaźniki efektywności w serwisie

Key performance indicators

Luceos Smart enables automatic measurement of your service team's KPIs.

Data on defined indicators are calculated automatically, on an ongoing basis, for the entire team and for individual users.

Access to indicators - data available in real time

The results of the collected indicators are collected in real time and can be immediately presented on the Luceos Smart Portal in any form, e.g .:

  • A table with the current values ​​of the coefficients;

  • Periodically generated reports in Excel and

  • in the form of graphical charts.


Predefined indicators - a set of KPIs tailored to the needs of the website

The KPIs implemented in the Luceos Smart system include:

  • average working time during the week,

  • share of work time spent on commuting,

  • share of work time spent on paid activities,

  • efficiency - the average number of visits by a service technician per day,

  • punctuality - the number of delays in the commencement and completion of orders.

  • Average travel time per 1 order [h]

  • Average working time (hours) per one commuting order

  • Number of new orders in the period

  • Number of all orders executed in the period

  • Percentage of working time spent on commuting

  • Percentage of paid man hours

  • Percentage of administrative and general man-hours

  • Number of paid man hours

  • Number of administrative and general man-hours

  • Response time from notification

  • Average order fulfillment time

  • Number of repairs made on the first attempt

  • Time of response to the inquiry


Adaptation of indicators to the client's needs

Luceos Smart also allows you to define corporate and individual goals for individual factors and people.

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