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zlecenie serwisowe terenowe

A service order is a basic element of the service management process

The Luceos Smart system offers a number of functionalities aimed at streamlining and facilitating the planning, execution and settlement of orders.

Create a service order

Creating an order is one of the basic functions of Luceos Smart. The system allows you to define - in a simple and quick way - a set of information necessary for professional performance of the service.


When creating an order, you can define its most important attributes:

  • the customer for whom the service is to be performed,

  • scope of the service, including an indication of the serviced devices,

  • place and date of the service,

  • a service technician responsible for the performance of the service,

  • other information, such as a list of parts to be downloaded prior to service commencement.

The system can create system orders automatically, both when they are repeatable and when they are the result of a service request.

zlecenia serwisowe

Planning orders

Planning is the next step in the order management process. The goal is to build an optimal plan for the performance of services by the service team. This process is supported by the functions of the order calendar, thanks to which you can, among others:

  • Check your calendar to see who is working - or will be working in the future - in the region where pending jobs need to be performed.

  • Identify and visualize the service tasks of the team and individual service technicians over time.

  • Determine and present on the map the route between the locations of planned orders.

  • Distribute service tasks between service technicians so that the time and geographic distribution ensure optimal use of resources and take into account the priorities associated with different tasks and customers.


Thanks to on-line access to data on the progress of work on current orders, it is possible to make quick and optimal decisions in the event of sudden failures, delays in the implementation of the plan or problems with the availability of service technicians

zarządzanie zleceniami serwisowymi
program do zleceń serwisowych
aplikacja mobilna dla serwisanta

Sending for execution

At any time during the implementation of the plan, orders can be transferred to individual service technicians.

The system's capabilities ensure that:

  • The service technician immediately receives complete information about the new order and can accept it for execution.

  • The service technician has the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of service repairs performed at the customer's site and documentation of the serviced device.

  • Acceptance of an order for execution by a service technician is performed by changing the order status, which is also visible in the order calendar.

Service order fulfillment

Commencing the execution of the order by a service technician allows you to start collecting data, which is immediately transferred from the mobile application to the main database of the Luceos Smart system.

At this stage:

  • The system measures the service technician's working time, both for repair and for travel to the customer and for administrative work.

  • The service technician documents the performance of the service, e.g. by attaching a photos taken by himself or information about which parts he used for the repair.

  • The system allows you to settle used parts, which can be assigned to an order at the time of its definition, added later from catalogs of parts available in the system (including in the mobile application) or added from outside the catalog, e.g. bought in the store while performing a service order.

  • At the end of the order, the mobile application allows you to collect customer's signature under service order report after which the system will issue an electronic report. The report can be immediately sent to the Customer's e-mail address and is saved in the system as a PDF file.



zarządzanie zleceniem serwisowym
jak zarządzać zleceniem serwisowym
kolejny etap zlecenia serwisowego

Settlement of the order

After completing the order, the system enables the process of its settlement. This process allows you to finalize activities related to the collected, used and returned parts, as well as prepare data for the settlement of internal and external costs of the order, including generating invoice data for the customer.

rozliczanie zleceń serwisowych
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