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magazyny serwisowe

Service warehouses in Luceos Smart

The service warehouses module's goal is to automate management of multiple either mobile (car) and stationary warehouses. This module is tightly linked to the Parts, Materials and Service module - both together are use for registration of a service order fulfillment process, in particular registration of used parts, materials with real-time management of warehousers' stocks and parts in- and out-flows.

The most important functions of the module

The service warehouse module in Luceos Smart provides, among others, the following functins:

  • Automatic recording of used parts taken from the service technician's warehouse.

  • Control of the number of used parts to prevent registration of the number of parts exceeding the inventory of the service technician.

  • The ability to remotely view the inventory of the service technician and the ability to modify its contents in the warehouse documents mode or in the correction mode.

  • Automatic monitoring of the service technician's stock and generating the demand in the event of exceeding the minimum stock.

  • Automatic synchronization of data about the warehouse between the mobile application and the Portal of the Luceos Smart system.


Integration of the warehouse module with the ERP system

Luceos Smart can be integrated with a warehouse and financial system. In such a case, it is possible for any changes in the stock to be closely related to the warehouse documents (receipts, transfers, releases) as well as financial documents (invoices and related external issues or outlays in the case of guarantee orders).


moduł magazynów serwisowych
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