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rejestracja czasu pracy pracowników

Work time registration in Luceos Smart

Luceos Smart enables precise reporting of the team's working time - not only for the service team, but also for any employee of the company or subcontractor's employee, as long as he/she is granted access to the Partner function in the Luceos Smart system.

Measurement of working time on various activities

The Start / Stop function in the mobile application makes it easier to start and stop measuring the travel time to the place of order fulfillment, work time on the order and other types of activities, e.g. breaks, administrative work, training. The system also allows you to report the time spent by employees on vacation, sickness and other leaves. The set of types and categories of measured working time can be adapted to the specific requirements of each client.

Depending on the range of active modules and configuration, Luceos Smart also allows the inclusion of additional information in the current time record, such as:

  • Information about the distance traveled (number of kilometers)

  • Indication of the project related to the recorded time

  • Indication of the vehicle that was used during the recorded time

  • A comment or other additional information supplementing the work time record.

The Luceos Smart portal also allows you to quickly record working time for a group of employees or for a period longer than one day.

rejestracja czasu pracy
rejestracja czasu pracy pracowników
pomiar czasu pracy pracowników
program do mierzenia czasu pracy

Real-time monitoring of service team working times

Data on working times registered in the Luceos Smart mobile application are sent to the central Portal on an ongoing basis and there they can be immediately presented and included in reports.


The working time recorded by the service employee using the mobile application can also be corrected in it. Access to editing is also possible in the portal, both for the service technician and for the manager and system administrator. Data on working time can be supplemented with a comment, and even information about the distance traveled during work.

In the case of integration with the fleet system, this data can be automatically completed based on the information provided about the position of the service technician's vehicle.

mobilny rejestrator czasu pracy

Reporting, verification and accounting for the time worked

Luceos Smart also provides a range of work time reports that can be created on demand or automatically and sent to all team members or managers as email attachments. The system also provides functions for detecting errors in working times: deviations from the norm or overlapping working times.

Verified reports on working time are the basis for calculating the salary of each employee. Relevant reports can be automatically sent to the HR team or to an external system, such as ERP.

moduł raportowania czasu pracy pracowników
rejestracja czasu pracy pracowników w Luceos Smart
wygląd modułu rejestracji czasu pracy pracowników
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