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zarządzanie katalogami

Catalogs of parts, materials and services

Luceos Smart provides functions related to the management of catalogs of parts, materials and services. These catalogs can be defined in the Luceos Smart system or synchronized from a 3rd party ERP, warehouse or financial system. Selected catalogs can also be sent to the Luceos Smart mobile application, which allows you to manage the parts used or services performed.

Managing the costs of used materials and parts

Well-defined catalogs in the Luceos Smart system, in conjunction with the measurement of service technicians' working time, allow for precise measurement of internal costs of service support, support strict warehouse management and enable error-free settlement of invoices for customers.

zarządzanie katalogami części
zarządzanie katalogami materiałów
zarządzanie katalogami usług

Equipment database - defining device elements and history of work and replaced parts

Parts and materials defined in catalogs allow for the precise configuration of each equipment maintained using Luceos Smart Service Management system.

The combination of the data described above and the functions of the Luceos Smart mobile application allows field workers to view the following data:

  • The structure of the serviced equipment,

  • History of replaced parts,

  • Up-to-date status of parts shipped to the customer, picked from a stock, used during maintenance, picked up from the customer and returned after a order is completed

  • Full reports from every service order performed on an each piece of equipment.


zarządzanie katalogiem usług
zarządzanie katalogiem materiałów

Register of materials and parts outside of catalogs

The Luceos Smart Service Management system enables registration of parts purchased and used in the field - also if not available in any of predefined catalogues, for example oil for an engine purchased at a gas station.

With real-time data exchange between the mobile application and the Luceos Smart cloud , it is possible to settle the order and issue an invoice to the client immediately after complition of an order.



Mobile part orders

The Luceos Smart mobile application allows to generate orders for parts that a service technician may need to perform a service order.

Using the built-in catalog of parts, materials and services, the service technician can enter the order specification into the mobile application: specific elements and required quantity. These data are automatically sent to interested persons, e.g. the coordinator. In case of integration with an external ERP or warehouse system the parts orders can be automatically registered in the external system and proceed further.

In the case of launching the warehouse module, the system allows for significant improvement of order processing and automation of the ordering process.

It enables more efficient work planning thanks to clear stages and deadlines for order fulfillment and access to ordered parts available in the system.

Mobile offers

The Luceos Smart mobile application allows to create a specification of the cost estimate of services and parts related to the order performed at the client's site.

This function can be useful, for example, when the customer asks for the preparation of a service quote related to the recommendations that the service technician prepared while servicing a given machine. Luceos Smart allows you to offer a precisely selected offer of additional services created for the customer, e.g. during the current machine service and consulted with him on an ongoing basis.


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