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serwis do zarządzania nieruchomościami




Property management in the 21st century is associated with the implementation of complex business processes that meet the high requirements of various groups of clients and users of offices, commercial spaces, warehouses and others. Due to the saturation of complex technical infrastructure, the involvement of specialists from various industries and many subcontractors, the efficient operation of the organization responsible for property management is impossible without a modern IT system.

Such a system should ensure effective and efficient coordination and communication between all participants of complex business processes. Without such support, it is impossible to guarantee low property maintenance costs, efficient infrastructure as well as safety and customer satisfaction.

Luceos Smart Service Management provides all the key functions to ensure efficient operation and full control over the managed properties and the teams that support them.

A typical implementation of the Luceos Smart Service Management system related to property maintenance includes:

  • Service request management - with the support of such tools as Call Center, Customer Portal, mobile application for the customer and integration with BMS systems and technical infrastructure for automatic monitoring and supervision of devices and their parameters.

  • Service order management - along with functions that automate and optimize the planning, distribution, supervision and settlement of work outsourced to various internal and external entities.

  • Electronic document facility (photos) including electronic service reports.

  • Real-time control of various cost sources


  • Implementation of mobile applications and portals for all process participants

  • Electronic supervision of technical infrastructure

  • Automation of planning and implementation of maintenance activities


  • Improving repairs and reducing the number of failures

  • Reduction of administrative costs

  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance

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