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Modern Field Workforce Management System

Smart and Easy solution

  • Web portal designed for Managers and Administrators

  • Mobile applications for employees, customers and subcontractors

  • Web portal for Client

  • Web portal for Partner and Subcontractor

  • Available on PC, smartfones and tables


Automatize and optimize
your mobile services

Luceos Smart is a Field Workforce Management solution offered in the SaaS model.

It consists of several dozen functional modules designed to coordinate different areas of team work and technical infrastructure.

Luceos Smart integrates processes and data regardless of source and location, allowing you to make decisions faster and work more efficiently. 

Our system works both as a self-contained solution with the functions of ERP and CRM systems or as a fully integrated one with the existing IT infrastructure of the company.

Basic Modules

  • Using Maps to plan orders 

  • Optimize travel routes

  • Order statuses and phases

  • Quick and batch actions 

  • Reminders and notifications

  • Reports

  • User roles and privileges

  • Orders

  • Customers

  • Equipment and locations 

  • Calendars

  • Mobile application

  • Electronic service order protocol

  • Management panels

Mobile technician

•Access to the central knowledge database

•Mobile storage, offers and orders

•Electronic checklists and service protocols

•Activity history and details

•Business trips settlements

•Leave applications

  • Mobile app with off-line mode

  • Orders schedule with implementation status

  • Locations

  • Working time

  • Google navigation and maps

  • Parts and materials

  • Photos and files

Web Portal

Mobile employee

  • Web portal designed for Managers and Administrators

  • Mobile Application for Field Employees

  • Available on PC, tablets, smartphones and offline

Web portal and mobile app

Efficiency management

  • Automatic measurement and presentation of KPIs

  • Configurable dashboards

  • Automatic cost calculation for customers, facilities and equipment

  • Automatic anomaly detection

Customer Communication

  • Firms and contacts database

  • Customer Portal

  • Mobile application for customers

  • Electronic protocols

  • E-mail and SMS notifications

  • Electronic surveys

Quick work settlement

  • Information about working hours, routes, materials and parts used

  • Calculation of costs by price lists and dynamic rates

  • Automatic generation of warehouse documents and invoices

Parts and services


  • Catalogues with pricelists

  • Access from the mobile app

  • Registration of parts and services

  • Registration of parts from outside the catalogue

  • Orders and requirements for parts and materials

  • Mobile offers

Working time and


  • Automatic recording of working time in mobile application

  • Management of the leaves and other absences plan

  • Monitoring of overtime hours and the amount of leaves of absence

Service documentation

  • Equipment, clients and orders documentation support from the web portal and mobile application

  • Comments and warnings

  • Service contracts

  • Barcodes and QR

Team Communication

  • Mobile application

  • E-mail and SMS notifications

  • Real-time registration: working hours, locations, order statuses

Flexible planning

  • Location maps, routes and current positions of service technicians

  • Group orders

  • Splitting into teams and branches

  • Shift planning

Service requests

  • Request registration on the web portal and mobile application

  • Order statuses and realization phases

  • E-mail and SMS notifications

  • Registration of requests through the Client Portal, mobile application or e-mail

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