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trasy pracowników terenowych

Registration of positions and routes of field workers

The Luceos Smart system allows you to collect and present the current and historical positions and routes of field employees.

Integration with fleet systems

The Luceos Smart system offers ready integration with the most popular fleet management systems. This integration allows you to collect and process information about the current and historical position of the service technician's vehicle.

Registration of the service technician position using the Luceos Smart mobile application

The Luceos Smart system also provides the function of monitoring the position of the service technician based on the data recorded by the Luceos Smart mobile application. It allows you to determine and remember the location of the service technician based on the GPS signal or GSM network read by a smartphone or tablet.


Presentation and analysis of data by positions and routes

The collected data on the location and routes of the service technician allow for their presentation in the Luceos Smart system in the form of:

  • presentation of the current position of the service technician on Google Maps - also in the context of planned orders and routes suggested by the Google Maps system,

  • presentation of the service technician's historical routes on Google Maps.

Analysis of anomalies and irregularities

The Luceos Smart system offers features to automatically detect potential anomalies and anomalies related to travel by field workers. The history of the route combined with the history of realized orders and work times allow to detect cases such as unplanned downtime, suboptimal journeys, discrepancies between reported orders and work times and the actual locations of employees. Appropriate reports can be the basis for improving the work efficiency and travel of field workers, reducing costs as well as improving safety and reducing risk for the company.

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