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program do rozliczania delegacji

Manage travel expenses

Controlling and accounting for business trips can be time-consuming and labor-intensive - employees must meticulously record and document all expenses, and the accounting department must then sum them up and settle them.

The delegation service function in the Luceos Smart system offers effective support for companies in this area. It saves employees' time previously devoted to documenting and accounting for business trips, and provides full control over this process, reducing the risk of mistakes and errors.

Creating a new travel - Luceos Smart portal or mobile application

The coordinator or field worker can set up a new business trip both from the Luceos Smart Portal or from Luceos Smart mobile application.

The system allows for detailed specification of the parameters of each delegation, that is:

  • an employee who goes on a business trip,

  • key locations (starting point, stop places and ending point of the trip)

  • duration of the trip,

  • currency of the business trip,

thanks to which it is possible to manage it and track costs.

The system also specifies the delegation status (new, in progress, completed), which makes it possible to manage delegations on an ongoing basis. The portal offers a list of all delegations registered in the system along with their statuses.


Data registration during the delegation

Any number of expenses can be assigned to each delegation, both in the Luceos Smart Portal and in the Luceos Smart mobile application.


When registering an expense in the system, its parameters are specified in detail:

  • type of expense,

  • the date it was made,

  • price and quantity of purchased items / goods,

  • the currency of the expense,

  • payment method.

Pictures of receipts, invoices or other accounting documents can be attached to the registered expenses, thanks to which it is possible to fully document the delegation.


Real-time monitoring of the course of the delegation

After saving a given expense, automatic and immediate data synchronization between the central system and the mobile applications of the entire team takes place. The delegation appears on the list along with the current total of expenses made.

The accounting department verifies all expenses before transferring them to financial settlement - they can accept them or demand corrections / supplements from the employee. This ensures control over expenses incurred in deletions and reduces the risk of errors or omissions.


Settlement of the delegation

The delegation ends after the employee sends it to the coordinator. Then it is also transferred for financial settlement.

After the delegation is completed and settled, the coordinator can generate a report that summarizes all the most important parameters and data of the delegation, including its duration and a detailed list of expenses.

The system also allows you to generate collective reports on business trips, which are a valuable source of information on the costs incurred by the company - both for accounting, management and management.

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