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Solution for HAKO POLSKA service


HAKO POLAND belongs to the Hako Group, which is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning machines and municipal solutions in the world. The Hako company provides reliable machines and ensures the highest quality of customer service, including comprehensive consultancy in the field of cleaning technology, assistance in the selection of appropriate machines and the necessary chemicals. HAKO POLAND serves clients all over Poland, providing services from six branches located in the largest cities.

The key to the success of the HAKO POLAND service team

A key element of HAKO's success, in addition to offering the best machines, is to provide its customers with a service that meets the highest standards in terms of responsiveness, effectiveness in solving problems and ensuring business continuity without unplanned downtime. With such high expectations, the HAKO service team decided to implement changes in the organization of their work that would enable the implementation of such an ambitious task.

Using the Luceos Smart solution for modern field service

The key to the success of a modern service team is preparation for work based on complete and up-to-date information about the customer, machine and order. The basis for this is the implementation of a knowledge base, the maintenance and continuous expansion of which cannot be possible without an integrated IT system. Such a system must be available to every employee, regardless of the place of work: from our office or in the field with one of our machines.

"Mobility and reliability - that's why we chose Luceos Smart Service Management and integrated it with our other office systems."

- the company's decision is described by Wojciech Broda, HAKO Poland Service Director

"By integrating the Luceos Smart Service Management system with other HAKO POLAND systems, we were guided by the fact that each of the processes in which service employees are involved - regardless of where they are located - could be carried out 100% using digital data flow and that data between people and systems flowed automatically and in real time. "

- comments the president of Luceos Intelligence, Maciej Nowosielski

Modern IT solutions supporting the company's development

HAKO POLAND uses the Luceos Smart Service Management solution based on the Luceos Smart cloud.

“Thanks to the Luceos Smart cloud, we have avoided costly investments in servers and software, which we instead get as part of a comprehensive package service from Luceos Intelligence. Expansion of servers, updates, security - all of this is taken care of by the Luceos team as part of one comprehensive service. "

- comments the Deputy Director of Service, Filip Konieczny.

Fruitful cooperation - synergy of a professional service team and modern technologies

Since the implementation of the field service management system - Luceos Smart Service Management at HAKO POLAND, the jointly created solution is systematically developed and adapted to the changing needs of the service team and customers.

The key elements that determined the joint success of the HAKO POLAND team and Luceos Intelligence include:

  • Awareness of the possibilities but also the challenges that new technologies bring and how they can change the way the service team is organized.

  • The ability to choose the appropriate organizational and technological solutions that will respond to the growing requirements of customers and business.

  • Close cooperation of the HAKO POLAND team and Luceos Intelligence, which resulted in the implementation of business processes using modern mobile and cloud technologies. The developed solution allows for the provision of functions supporting the tasks of the service team at any place, in the office, at the customer's site and in the field.


“Thanks to the implementation of the Luceos Smart Service Management system, we have gained access to up-to-date information about the activities of our service team, thanks to which the decisions made by the coordinating team are better and the efficiency of work has increased. At the same time, the field team has simple and immediate access to our organization's knowledge base, so that the client receives a better and cheaper service. "

- Wojciech Broda, HAKO POLAND Service Director concludes.

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