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How to start working with Luceos Smart as soon as possible?

Below you will find tips for the basic operations performed by the operator of the Luceos Smart Portal or a field worker using the mobile application.

Luceos Smart portal

Quick start on the Luceos Smart Portal

Logging in. The main Portal window, menu, tables and the most important functions.

Password reset

Recovering access to the system in case of password loss.

"I forgot my password" function

Navigation in tables  

Use of date range control when working with tables

Add a user

Create a new user account

Activation and giving the role to a new user

Add a client

Customer registration

The process of adding a new client to the system

Add order I

Quick version

The fastest way to create a new order on the Luceos Smart Portal

Add order II

Full version

Creating a service order on the Luceos Smart Portal

Add a ticket

Create a new request

Manual registration of the application on the Luceos Smart Portal.

Add a device

Create a new device  

Create a new device. Companies responsible for the device.

Add locations

Create a location in the system

The basic way to create a new location on the Luceos Smart Portal. 

Add customer contact


Editing customer data

Adding contact details and customer contacts

Time registration I

Registration of own working time

Adding working times for more than one day

Add an absence

Registration of absences  

The fastest way to add an absence to the Luceos Smart Portal

Add a project

Defining a new project in the system

The fastest way to create a new project

Add a task

Create a new job

A quick way to create a task not associated with any object 

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