Software solution for field teams

Luceos Smart Service Management

Smart and Easy Field Service Management



Module: Work Times

Let your team record the time spent working on orders, commuting and projects from the Luceos Smart mobile app. Enter different types and codes for working time for different types of employee activity.


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PLN 7.50

per user / month


Web portal and mobile app

  • Web portal designed for Managers and Administrators

  • Mobile Application for Field Employees

  • Available on PC, tablets, smartphones and offline

Automatize and optimize
your mobile services



Luceos Smart is the right tool in the hands of your employee, who is the best business card of your company.

Luceos Smart is a solution designed to manage all stages of field service cycle. Create, schedule, dispatch, realize and settle service orders in real time.


Optimal Order Scheduling

Service Requests registration. Smart and easy order scheduling equipped with all necessary documentation. Interactive Calendar and Maps. Dispatching with one click.


Complete Data in the Mobile Application

Calendar of orders and work statuses. Work time, used parts and failure root-cause analysis. Photographic documentation, historical orders and parts data. Final report with your client’s signature. All the above available both online and offline, in real time.


Management Functions

Monitor profitability of the services performed. Watch and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of each of your employees and the whole team. Quickly generate smart reports.


Zero initial cost

Lower coordination costs*.

Increase in executed orders*.

Cutting of costs.

Increased revenue*.





* Based on implementation of Luceos Smart system
at one of our customers in the door automation industry

Luceos Smart - modern service software for your business


When creating ideal solutions for your business, we rely on careful observation of market trends. We meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Luceos Intelligence creates and integrates programming solutions. We build software for the website , as well as applications for monitoring field employees . We know how to improve efficiency without burdening the organization with high costs.

What is the Luceos Smart system?


Luceos Smart is a mobile service program - a modern solution, equipped, among others, with portals for customers, subcontractors and field employees. It consists of several dozen advanced modules for order management, team work and technical infrastructure. Thanks to this, you have access to all the necessary statistics - analyzing them will become much easier thanks to the transparent form of sharing content. Thanks to the innovative system, it is possible not only to control the working time of employees, but also to settle the progress of subcontractors' activities and to automatically handle the sales process, execution and settlement of orders.

A new dimension of automation of activities

By offering our clients a Workforce Management solution, we provide software for the service that allows you to integrate activities at once, also off-line, regardless of where individual people are.

Field worker management has never been easier. The system enables better management of the potential of its employees. After implementing modern Luceos Smart software, work is much more effective and individual business processes more transparent.


Intuitive activities and transparent terms of cooperation

The systems proposed by our company are compatible with these CRM and ERP classes. Thanks to this, after installing them, you create a management system that allows you to better monitor the actual activities of employees and subcontractors. Luceos Smart can operate independently or fully compatible with your organization's IT systems.

Flexible solutions for your business

We provide many modules, from which you can choose the one that best meets your expectations. In the basic plan, we provide a modern drag & drop calendar connected to the map and all the tools that will help you monitor and plan individual stages of work of your team members. You will find there, among others hints for optimizing task distribution, device and location database, electronic service protocols, reports and much more.


Remember that no matter what plan you choose, you can count on our support and help in implementing optimal solutions in each of them.


  • We create each of our products with the needs of modern business in mind.

  • Each innovation we develop is designed to improve your work.

  • Everyone who uses our solutions says that they positively affect the quality of their work.


Contact us and check how easy it can be to plan and monitor activities in your company.