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Solution for the service of railway traffic control devices - Luceos Smart at Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o. o. in Katowice

About Bombardier

Bombardier is a world leader in the area of ​​innovative solutions for air and rail transport, employing almost 52,000 employees. Bombardier's products and services set new standards in the transport industry, ensuring the highest level of travel comfort, energy efficiency and reliability.
and security.

Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o. o. in Katowice is a leading Polish manufacturer of modern systems and devices for control, supervision and security of rail vehicle traffic. Over 90 years of tradition in the design, production, installation and maintenance of systems and devices for rail transport guarantees the highest quality of provided solutions and services.

The company's service team is responsible for servicing railway and metro traffic control devices built in Poland and abroad: from the stage of their commissioning, through the warranty period, to the post-warranty period.

Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) and cooperation with Luceos Intelligence

The commencement of cooperation between the Bombardier Transportation Service (ZWUS) Polska and Luceos Intelligence is described by Mr. Bogusław Drozdek, Manager of the Maintenance Department :

“When carrying out service tasks, our team works with both the customer and our partners who are authorized service points. A properly adjusted IT system is crucial to ensure the efficient and quick flow of information between all participants in the process. Due to the growing expectations of customers related to the implementation of service requests, supervision of their timely solution, as well as the dynamics of projects implemented by our company, we were looking for a solution that will work not only now, but also in the future. The experience of the Luceos Intelligence team and the wide possibilities of adjusting and configuring the Luceos Smart Service Management system determined its selection and implementation in 2017 ”.

Since its implementation, the Luceos Smart Service Management system has been systematically developed and adapted to the changing needs and expectations of the BT service team (ZWUS) as well as its partners and customers.


So far, i.a. modules:

  • Service orders with the option of their implementation in the mobile application

  • Service requests

  • Documentation and photos

  • Customer Portal

  • Service magazines

  • Absences


The key elements that determined the successful implementation of the solution for the BT service team (ZWUS) are:

  • Possibility of planning and implementing service works based on the integrated work planning and supervision portal, Luceos Smart mobile application intended for field employees and the Customer Portal made available to key BT customers (ZWUS).

  • Reliability and security of the solution guaranteed by the Luceos Smart cloud.

  • The flexibility of the solution and the experience of the Luceos Intelligence team, which turned out to be decisive during the implementation and further, evolutionary development of the system.

Exemplary Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Poland service - support of modern technologies

“Thanks to the implementation of the Luceos Smart Service Management system, we have gained constant access to the current database used to handle and execute service orders. Modern digital solutions, such as the mobile application for managing employees in the field, Luceos Smart or the Customer Portal, allow access to the database of devices along with their history and service documentation from anywhere and by any person with the necessary access rights: our client, partner or service technician. Another benefit of implementing the Luceos Smart system is a better flow of information and service documentation throughout the service request handling process. Currently, it is done remotely, in electronic form, which allows us to better care for the natural environment through, reducing the amount of paper and printer cartridges used. By taking over the implementation of some administrative tasks, the system allows us to save time, so we can devote it to more effective service of projects and our clients ”.

- this is how the implementation of Luceos Smart Service Management is assessed by the Head of the Maintenance Department, Bogusław Drozdek

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