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Delegate or decide - what model of task delegation to choose for your service team?

Managing teams of employees who carry out their work in the field is an extremely difficult and complex task that poses many challenges for coordinators or managers. Service companies usually use a few management models for their field employees, the essence of which consists in the division of duties, determining the sequence of activities and setting their schedule, as well as vertical communication. The larger the organizational structure of the company, the greater the challenge. More and more often, service companies use IT solutions, thanks to which the processes of managing service teams are improved, and their efficiency increases significantly. It also facilitates the proper delegation of tasks in the service team.

Delegation of tasks in the team - the essence and challenges

The quality of cooperation between the coordinator and subordinate field employees in a given region (engineer, technician, or service technician) depends on several important factors, such as the size of the team, the experience of its employees, the area of the team's operation, the type, time and complexity of the tasks performed.

Regardless of how such a team of field workers is built, as is a large, experienced, or the industry in which they work is a contemporary market puts us in front of coordinators and their staff very similar challenges:

  • increase in labor costs and the lack of availability of experienced employees - this causes prioritization of increasing employee efficiency tasks and the automation of administrative tasks;

  • extending the scope of coordinators' duties in the area of business development (cross-selling, up-selling, etc.) and managing the unit's budget;

  • increase in customer expectations regarding the quality of services, which are additionally becoming more and more complicated due to technological progress.

How to delegate tasks - an evolution of management models and their automation

Managing teams of employees, especially in the area of maintenance services, requires some kind of evolution of the approach to the entire process due to the above-mentioned challenges. The solution for this is innovative IT solutions that allow for certain automation of the traditional stages of team management. How, then, modern and effective delegation of tasks in the service team should look?

  • division of responsibilities with automatic flow of information - this allows to avoid the problem of decision bottlenecks;

  • constant and quick access to information at every level - thanks to IT system tools only this goal can be achieved;

  • high level of experience of decision-makers and expert support for employees with less experience;

  • reducing costs, optimizing working time, increasing its efficiency - these are extremely difficult tasks, which is why modern IT solutions, e.g. related to the optimization of commuting routes, taking into account traffic jams or order hours, will be helpful in such situations.

delegacja zadań w zespole serwisowym

To delegate or to decide? There is only one answer

What can give us the use of modern IT tools that help in the proper delegation of work and tasks? The benefits themselves, among which the following should be distinguished:

  • quick access to information gives the coordinator more time to contact the client and perform additional tasks;

  • thanks to the delegation of tasks in the IT tool and the possibility of cooperation between service technicians in determining the level of task implementation, the coordinator is provided with constant and quick control and decision-making;

  • establishing collision-free, but also tight schedules enables full optimization of service technicians' work with the possibility of quick reaction in the event of any changes in the schedules.

The modern model of field team management is based on task delegation, but the effectiveness of such processes is possible thanks to progressive IT solutions, which are definitely worth using. Technological progress, thanks to which service companies have access to new work tools, becomes key in the race for customer satisfaction and work optimization, as well as the costs of work of service teams. Discover all the benefits of the online program for the service!

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