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Efficient and productive field team - introduction

We present a series of articles about field team management, which reveal proven methods and solutions that allow you to optimize its work.


In our articles, we take on the topic of problems in the organization of the work of the field team.

These include:

  • the changeability of the workplace,

  • the need for mobility,

  • independence or

  • ability to use remote support by a field worker.

The remedy for these problems of the employee and the entire team is to use specialized tools and applications that optimize the work of field teams.

In our articles, we also discuss the features of the field team and take a closer look at its specifics. We describe such features as task-oriented nature or the need to travel hundreds of kilometers a day, which has a significant impact on the specificity of the work. In light of these requirements, the entire team should have access to documentation, information, or spare parts, and be in constant contact with their superiors so that their work is performed effectively.

An important element of field employee management is also customer service, performed at the highest level. In the company management application, the customer can easily contact the field team, which is perfectly prepared for the job. The field team always reacts quickly to the reported problem, and the value that customers particularly appreciate is access to information about the status of the order. That way we make sure that the service coordinator is not overloaded and can watch over the quality of work and optimize the effectiveness of the team.

In our articles on field worker management and the Luceos Smart solution, we take up an important topic, which is the knowledge base of the service team. Having it allows you to work without downtime and eliminates the need to repeat service visits. The necessary elements of the order are complete information about the task, customer expectations, and the planned completion date. Thanks to digital access to this information in the company management application, we can avoid misunderstandings that arise between employees when they verbally communicating order details.

You can find out more about the field team work and its management aspects in our articles on the topic.


Efficient and productive field team:

  • Knowledge base

  • How to organize the field team

  • Planning and supervision

  • Customer service

  • Common mistakes in the organization of a field team

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