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Room To Grow For Field Service Management System

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

In the past few weeks, we’ve been running research on “How many companies with the field service teams use a field management system”.

Results clearly showed us that many companies are still sticking to manual processes when it comes to field service operations.

Only around 50% of businesses are using field service management software.

We’re now wondering what the reason is. Softwares are too complicated? Expensive? People are afraid of digitalization? Or simply, many still don’t know how easy and convenient the systems are?

The benefits of using such software can be seen throughout the industry, such as scheduling and dispatching work, optimization of many processes, full digitization of all documents, orders, signatures, parts usage, and much much more.

We would say that those with field service software have an early advantage over those who don’t.

Customers appreciate having immediate confirmations of order acceptance, order status, and a full history of previous notifications.

Since we’ve pointed out the core coordinator and customer benefits, let’s focus on the technicians.

Everyday technicians face plenty of challenges in the field, their job happens to be really stressful. Very often they don’t know where to get the necessary information about the customer and the device or other subject of repair they need to know right here, right now. Technicians are going in blind, or have minimal information available and usually, they have to play catch-up, the moment they get to the customer.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Especially that mobility is definitely not slowing down, there are around 50 billion internet-connected devices all over the world.

With the right field service management software, service history is readily available. With mobile field service apps, technicians are able to see all the service history they need before going to the job. That saves plenty of time repairing if they have a good idea of where to look, to begin with. Knowledge is powerful in field service management and giving it to the front-line workers in the field is a must.

What you should take from these stats is that field service management and the industries they serve are booming.

There are over 20 million field technicians operating worldwide, and that number continues to grow every day, as the competition is growing too. Field service businesses are looking to find any possible way to be better than the competition,

That means, what parts of their job can be made more efficient to gain a competitive edge.

When you consider how large the industry is and how it continues to grow, there should be a significant demand for software in the industry nowadays.

I bet that in 2022, the world of field service management is going to become even more automated, more mobile, and more competitive. You can sit and wait another year before looking into field service management software, or you can take the step forward.

We’re here to help.


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