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Efficient and productive field team - customer service

Customer service is an important aspect of any field team and business. Let's find out about the elements that improve customer service and learn about the tools that allow the convenient exchange of information between the service team and the customer and easier management of mobile workers.


Customers appreciate our field team for several aspects.

  • First of all, for easy contact with the team or its manager in accordance with the preferred form of contact (telephone, e-mail).

  • Secondly, for a quick response to the reported problem and good preparation for the team's work, which includes:

    • knowledge about the problem,

    • appropriate tools, parts and

    • knowledge about the history of previously performed works on the serviced devices.

  • Another aspect appreciated by customers is the speed of task execution and access to information about the order status in the company management application.

The service coordinator and the field staff must be in constant contact. Often the management of mobile workers is a serious challenge for the team. The problem is the information-overloaded coordinator who acts as an intermediary between the members of the field team and the customers. As a result, there is no time to control the quality of work, optimize efficiency or handle incoming orders by the coordinator who is busy with phone calls or replying to e-mails.


Implementation of elements that will improve the quality of customer service and relieve the team

Providing high-quality customer service involves the implementation of the following elements:

  • integration of many communication channels with the customer in one place - e.g. a consistent database of requests integrated with e-mail, SMS and Client Portal, which allows you to manage the situation from one place

  • integration of planning and monitoring the work of the team in one place in the form of a collective calendar, combined with applications used by the team in the field (eg. mobile application). This solution allows you to analyze the current situation and plan new tasks provided by customers.

  • automation of typical communication tasks related to customer service carried out by an integrated IT system. Examples:

    • Automatic e-mail or SMS confirmations sent to the client about the acceptance and later about the progress of the notification

    • Automatic e-mail or SMS notifications sent to service team members about new tasks or changes in the schedule

    • Automatic monitoring of progress and possibly sending reminders to the service team about overdue or missed tasks

    • Automatic generation of electronic documentation in the form of reports, protocols, or checklists and sending or sharing them with the client in the form of e-mail, SMS, or on the web portal


Luceos Smart system components, the selection and configuration of which depend on the specific needs of the service team

The central database of notifications and orders, which is the heart of the system, is one of the components of the application for employee teams. It allows you to create and view orders in the company management application and the customer portal. Thanks to the application for employee teams, the client has better control over orders, which means that he rates the quality of customer service higher and positively affects the image of your company. Automatic generation of new tickets in the company management application is a functionality that facilitates the work of the field team. New tickets are generated on the basis of an e-mail message, a web form, or a survey available on the Client Portal. Thanks to the extensive system of automatic notifications and reminders in the application for employee teams, we can generate them and send them to the client, team, or service manager at any time. This improves the quality of work and contacts on the line 'manager - the team' and 'manager - client'.

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