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Efficient and productive field team - field team work organization

Let's learn about the common mistakes in the organization of the field team work and the solutions provided by the service management system - Luceos Smart, which improves communication with the client and control of employee efficiency.


The most common mistakes related to the organization of the service team work

  • delegating work to employees without appropriate qualifications or poorly matched to the requirements of the commissioned task

  • lack of appropriate support and access to knowledge: no access to documentation, knowledge base, work history, e.g. through a program for service technicians

  • inadequate preparation of the employee for professional contact with the client, including:

    • knowledge about the client and his history

    • preparation for the task

    • the ability to provide the client with appropriate information on the history of activities, the status of current tasks, and plans for the completion/resolution of problems in the future

  • building unrealistic plans that are changed too often without communicating these changes to employees


How to solve the most common problems on the technician-customer line?

The remedy for the problems of the field team is establishing a close relationship between the management and the field team through the service management system, which supports effective cooperation and brings awareness of the skills of individual employees.

The key aspects are as follows:

  1. Access to up-to-date information on the skills of individual employees

  2. Providing access to the knowledge base, documentation, history of activities and the status of current work, and the plan of future work in an intuitive management application

  3. Ensuring continuous and reliable communication between all team members, which is stored in the form of a knowledge base

  4. Providing management with access to information about the status of each employee and each task, combined with the possibility of planning current work and in the near and distant future


Discover the Luceos Smart support that will allow you to strengthen your service team

Luceos Smart - is a service management system that offers a package of benefits for the team, management, and clients, ensuring digitization of information flow through web portals and mobile applications. The management application and the program for service technicians provide the team's work schedule, access to the history of activities, electronic documentation, and a knowledge base with the possibility of viewing the history of an individual customer, device, or employee. Luceos Smart is not only a program for service technicians but also a tool for controlling the performance and effectiveness of employees. The management application improves the quality of communication and ensures its automation thanks to the use of automatic notifications, e-mails, SMS to employees or customers. By using the Client Portal or a dedicated mobile application for the customer, we can reduce costs, while increasing the effectiveness of contact with the customer.

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