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Efficient and productive field team - Knowledge Base

Let's discover the necessary elements of the field team knowledge base that allow you to maintain the highest quality of service, excellent management service, and reduce the risk of downtime.


The key elements of the service team knowledge base

The condition for the lack of downtime and repetition of service visits is the appropriate preparation of the field team for the task. The key, in this case, is providing an effective mobile application for field teams. The team must have easy access to complete information about the task: scope, planned completion date, and customer expectations. The service technician, who is an important link in the entire process, should also have access to comprehensive information about the customer, location, and device with the ability to view documentation, photos, and history of previous work. On the other hand, the customer should be able to quickly order the necessary tools, materials or parts with the option of checking the details of the device and its components. A valuable function for the customer and service technician will be the ability to view stock levels, a detailed history of the device, and a list of accepted and completed notifications along with work documentation.

The knowledge base is an important element in managing the work of field teams and should be constantly updated and supplemented, which improves the quality of services provided. Otherwise, the knowledge accumulated in the tool becomes useless and obsolete. An indispensable instrument for knowledge base management and service management is an integrated system to manage the work of field teams, including dedicated components for management, coordinators, field workers, and clients and partners.

Advantages of the Luceos Smart system

The Luceos Smart is a mobile application for field teams offering integrated database applications, which is connected to the base of partners, contacts, locations, and equipment. The system for managing the work of field teams includes a database of materials, configuration of each device, a register of materials used or technical parameters of the device, such as meters and measuring points with the option of automatically downloading data from the device or external ERP, CMMS or MES systems.

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