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How much does the program for service center cost?

Each service company that wants to take a significant position on the market and attract a wide range of customers must take into account the investment into appropriate tools that will help increase both the efficiency of work and the competitiveness of the organization. Among the most important elements for achieving this goal are modern IT solutions that meet the key needs of the company, its employees, and customers. Let's find out how much does the service program cost and how to choose its best-suited version?

What makes up the cost of the service program?

There are many IT solutions on the market, but it is difficult to clearly define the costs of software for the service, as they can differ significantly from each other. Of course, there are a few key elements to consider when estimating the expenditure allocated for this purpose.

  • License fees

If you choose external software, one of the expenses may be license fees that allow you to legally use the product.

  • The cost of implementing a new IT solution

The cost of implementing the program is one-off and includes such elements as the configuration of the system to the individual needs of the company, as well as the cost of testing and training.

  • The cost and scope of support provided by the software manufacturer

The producer of the software we use may provide its individual services free of charge or for a fee. These services may include, among others, fixing errors in the software, support in the use and configuration of the system, access to training and electronic documentation of the program, and access to new versions of the software.

  • The cost of the technical infrastructure necessary to run the system

The company should, of course, take into account the expenses that must be spent on the server infrastructure necessary to run and use the software. This scope includes such elements as hardware, system software and databases licenses. The expenses also include the purchase of mobile internet as well as computers and mobile devices intended for employees.

  • The cost of infrastructure that guarantees the security and continuity of the program

In the case of software for service management, the crucial point is to protect the system and the data stored in it. The company must take care of backup systems that will be activated in case of a failure of the main server or its individual components. You should also know the cost of maintaining and recovering a backup copy, as well as the price of the system, which continuously protects your company against direct hacker attacks and malicious software.

  • Cost of own IT administration employees

Some IT solutions - especially those that exist in the IT infrastructure of a given company - will require the employment of specialists responsible for the proper functioning of the system and all its repairs.

All mentioned costs should be calculated over a suitable time frame, e.g. 5 years. Together they will make up the Total Cost of Ownership, which will help determine the profitability of a given project.

Cost of the program for the service - classic or modern?

Depending on their needs and the available budget, service companies can use both traditional and modern IT solutions. The classic version requires building a system operating in the IT infrastructure of a given company, which involves the purchase of professional software, servers and licenses, as well as the employment of appropriate specialists. The costs of such a solution that have to be spent in the initial phase range from several hundred thousand PLN up to several million. It is not difficult to guess that not all service companies are ready for such large investments.

Fortunately, there are modern IT solutions on the market - such as Luceos Smart - that provide an affordable alternative. In this case, the software for the service is offered in the form of a comprehensive service that provides the customer with all the necessary elements. The customer only pays one fee, which is usually billed as a monthly subscription. Of course, the amount depends on the selected version of the solution, as well as the number of employees, but it usually ranges from a dozen to several hundred zlotys for 1 user per month. It is also worth remembering that cost is not the only element that should be taken into account when choosing a specific IT system. The key issue is also the ease of use of the program, its flexibility, and expandability. The service provider should also ensure an adequate level of support, warranty, and access to the latest version of the program.

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