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How to effectively manage orders and coordinate the work of service technicians?

Growing customer requirements, competition on the market, as well as expanding the company's offer are just some of the challenges faced by the management of the field service department. The key step that will allow more effective order management and better coordination of service technicians is the implementation of modern technologies and tools. Why is it essential?


Order management and new technologies

Technology is constantly evolving and introducing new solutions that improve work in each industry. This progress also influences the expectations of customers who are becoming used to high standards of service and access to their information in real-time. They also become less understanding of any mistakes and delays. Investing in new technologies is not only favorable to clients but also significantly improves and facilitates the work of the service company. Digitizing individual processes helps to increase the efficiency of operations and, as a result, improve the profitability of the organization.

How to coordinate service technicians?

Bring on the amenities

In order to effectively manage orders and coordinate the work of service technicians, you should bring modern mobile software to your organization that allows you to handle all stages of work. What exactly should you focus on?

Improve your reaction time

Customers expect an immediate response from companies, therefore, improving application response time becomes a priority of many organizations providing services in the area. Mobile software such as Luceos Smart allows you to quickly assign employees to individual clients, monitor the progress of work, and inform clients about the progress of their case in real-time.

Collect and analyze data

Field service management software collects vital data that can be used to improve business processes. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this option and focusing on such issues as registration of employees' working time in the field, optimization of routes, inventory of used parts, the profitability of performed services, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


With access to large amounts of data, managers are able to predict certain issues and prepare their employees for them. They can, among others, determine the average number of orders that fall on a given day, month, or quarter and use it to plan a schedule that takes into account the appropriate number of available service technicians.

Improve communication

The use of modern technologies significantly improves communication between field employees as well as management and team. Everyone can communicate via e-mails, chats, and phones, thanks to which they are able to talk about a given order despite being in two different places. Importantly, mobile software in the cloud also allows employees to have easy access to key information such as repair history, used parts register, photo documentation, and much more.

Optimize your work

Modern technologies make it much easier to optimize the workflow, and dispatchers are able to monitor the availability of resources, both human and material, on an ongoing basis. They can guide service technicians to individual orders much more effectively and increase work efficiency.

Improve your team

Your employees can learn not only through external training but most of all from their colleagues from other departments. The field team can learn from salespeople and salespeople gain a better understanding of customer needs from service technicians.

Focus on preventive maintenance

A significant part of the service activities focuses on reacting to sudden failures that happen to customers. These types of jobs cannot be eliminated but can be significantly reduced through preventive maintenance. Such a step will allow you to achieve greater control over the employee schedule and will also improve customer satisfaction.

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