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Luceos Smart as a SD System solution for Polish State Railways

Modern Workforce Management class solutions require their developers to be open to new customer needs and to be ready to take on challenges in newer and newer areas of management. This is how you can define the principle of the Luceos Smart team, whose flagship tool is able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding partners, an example of which is the preparation of modules for the Service Desk System for Polish State Railways (PKP).

Service Desk System for PKP

Every year, large state-owned enterprises plan a number of activities, the implementation of which is subject to a public offering. Such projects, along with the challenges brought by market development, the need for transformation or modernization, require exorbitant norms and the highest standards of operation from contractors of such orders. In 2020, Polish Railway Lines (PLK) presented the requirements for the delivery of the Service Desk system that would meet new standards related to the extension of the conditions for the maintenance of renovated or newly built railway sections. The following needs were among PLK's expectations:

  • the need to control and implement scheduled works;

  • control and use of inventory with spare parts;

  • monitoring and management of entrances to numerous own facilities;

  • creating a multi-level reporting system.

system SD dla PKP

Delivery of the SD System - Luceos Smart Portal

The Luceos Smart team, already having experience in cooperation with partners operating in the railway industry, took up the challenge set by PLK. It was of great importance that Luceos Smart had already prepared a complex system for managing service work and maintenance for one of its clients operating in the railway industry. The improvements that were introduced thanks to this tool were related to the implementation of the system of notifications and service orders and the creation of a mobile application intended for field employees. Thanks to this, the client was given a chance to optimize costs and time, which is crucial in the event of a failure of the railway infrastructure.

Luceos Smart has created an Service Desk system tailored to the requirements of PLK, in a version equipped with modules that provide coordinators and managers with the possibility of:

  • full and effective handling of notifications and orders (scheduled works);

  • efficient service of spare parts warehouses;

  • handling of entrances to facilities;

  • access to the reporting system along with the control of the Key Performance Indicators.

What's more, the modules created for SD System are fully compatible with Luceos Smart Service Management - an advanced service management system. This allows to freely extend the scope of management to other, ready-made modules and solutions, which provides the client with comprehensive activities within one portal.

SD System class solutions as an example of customer adaptation

The modules prepared by Luceos Smart not only meet the requirements of PLK for the delivery of the SD System but show that the offered IT solutions allow to meet the most ambitious expectations of the client. The system architecture created in this way allows to fully adjust the processes and configure the SD module to the specificity of each client while maintaining full compliance with the expectations of even such demanding entity as PLK.

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