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Measuring instruments and tools - how to keep control in a maintenance service?

Maintenance services, regardless of the industry in which the company providing them operates, require appropriate control to ensure smooth and effective management. Decision-makers in companies with service work teams need constant and quick access to data on the work of their service technicians not only to be able to optimize all processes and operating costs but also to eliminate potential misuse. It becomes even more of a challenge when the work performed is very complex or requires the use of specialized equipment. In such a situation, the best solution for constant monitoring and control are dedicated tools and measuring instruments.

Traditional measuring tool - challenges

With any specialized measurement tools of a traditional nature, there are some kind of challenges that may affect the reliability of measurements and the high cost of their operation, which should be kept in mind by managers. There are several aspects that should be taken into account when choosing the right measurement system, the most important are:

  • price - most often measuring tools are expensive equipment, and this is associated not only with a large investment at the beginning but also for maintenance and servicing (especially foreign ones);

  • mobility - the use of measuring instruments stationary / in a scattered area / in field teams;

  • logistics - control of where the devices and measuring instruments are located at a given moment, which affects the effectiveness of service management;

  • user control - the key in the case of expensive measuring instruments is knowing who is using it at the moment.

Taking into account the technological progress and the resulting increase in the level of complexity of service works, both in the field and in the workplace, it is worth reaching for the most modern solutions when it comes to monitoring tools.

kontrola w serwisie mobilnym

Control in the maintenance service - modern solutions

Many companies nowadays expect comprehensive service, because it allows to optimize process management. Therefore, one of the most important functions of Luceos Smart Service Management, a modern tool that offers mobile, field or factory service management, is the warehouse module. This module allows you to manage the warehouse of your own tools and devices with a very useful function of their booking, issuing, and return. How to control the field maintenance service? The Luceos Smart solution comes in handy, as it allows you to:

  • define all owned warehouses with tools (without quantitative restrictions) with the assignment to the location and to the people managing them

  • put all items in stock, including serial numbers and their assigned users;

  • establish the status of each instrument, which can be defined according to the needs of the company. The most commonly used statuses are bookings, rentals, and returns. You must authorize the change of each status;

  • have constant access to inventory and usage statuses of given devices along with the usage schedule or reservation system. Thanks to this, coordinators have an immediate insight into where the equipment is, who uses it and whether someone else needs it at the moment.

How to keep control of the mobile maintenance service?

Measuring instruments in the mobile maintenance service should be easy to use and comprehensively cover all aspects of the warehouses of the devices owned: from determining their quantity, statuses of current use, to the people responsible for them at a given moment. Thanks to the solutions used, the Luceos Smart system allows for progressive organization management and effective control of mobile services in terms of not only the work of the team but also the status of all tools used in the organization.

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