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Why is it worth automating the service?

Every entrepreneur is aware that in order for his company to remain competitive, he must move with the times and introduce innovative solutions that will help in the more effective implementation of individual tasks. That's why automation of service management is a topic that in recent years significantly gaining in popularity. Let's take a closer look at this issue and its potential benefits.

Why is it worth considering service automation?

Meeting the growing demands of customers, limiting the growing costs of employment, as well as problems with the availability of experienced specialists - these are just some of the issues in which the implementation of service automation can help. Investing in such systems can also significantly improve employees' response to various business scenarios related to specific service conditions, including breakdowns, warranty orders, or works transferred to subcontractors.

What can be gained through automation?

Service automation can significantly minimize the amount of administrative work and allow employees to focus on more important tasks. As a result, the overall efficiency of the team will also increase, and its members will have time to focus on quality customer service and improving customer satisfaction with the services offered. Automation also allows the transfer of individual tasks to less experienced employees, which relieves key specialists. Importantly, all key data on orders is available in a digital version, so that every employee has access to them, even during field trips. This solution allows you to improve communication in the team and reduce errors. It is not difficult to guess that the automation of individual processes can significantly reduce the overall workload, and thus reduce the costs incurred by the company.

How to automate the service?

Now, when we met the main advantages of this solution, it's time to learn how to automate service. One of the key areas worth focusing on is the digitization of the order handling process, which allows you to collect all relevant data, including statuses and deadlines, registration of documents and photos, records of working times, as well as lists of used parts. Equally important is the optimization of schedules and routes of field employees, which takes into account the availability of service technicians and influences more effective work planning. Another important area that may be affected by automation is the handling of customer notifications and subsequent communication with them. An excellent solution may be to launch the Client Portal, which will send regular notifications and inform recipients about the various stages of the work being carried out.

Moreover, also settlements related to specific orders and projects can be automated. The software for the service can help employees, among others in calculating costs, taking into account the company's internal indicators, or in invoicing. Importantly, the service automation process can be implemented gradually and only concern the areas you are interested in. Introducing changes at your own pace will help all employees get used to them, help them get to know them better, and reduce the chances of potential errors or inaccuracies.

Process automation with Luceos Smart

The software offered by Luceos Smart is an excellent solution that can support any enterprise in the automation of the service. Our program is extremely flexible and allows clients to introduce selected changes that are in line with their individual needs and business priorities. It is worth noting that the use of Luceos Smart does not require any initial investments, and customers only pay for the modules they are currently using. Thanks to this, each organization is able to extremely quickly reduce the costs incurred and increase its revenues.

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