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Why should you implement a system for handling service notifications?

Customer satisfaction is an important factor these days. Efficient and fast handling of all service notifications is a factor that can attract consumers to our company or, on the contrary, discourage them for good. One of the key solutions to be implemented is a professional system for handling service requests. Why is it worth implementing in your company? Let's check out the key benefits!


Meet customer expectations

The ability to choose how to submit notifications is the value that clients appreciate. Some will prefer to send an e-mail or provide information via the hotline, but more and more users prefer to use newer channels, e.g. social media, chatbots, or dedicated mobile applications. Customers also appreciate the quick and concrete response to their applications. Most users are well aware that their case will not be resolved immediately but want to know that it is registered and that team members are already working on establishing an action plan and a deadline for the work to be done.

Clients very often provide employees with important information regarding their report and prefer companies that are able to receive messages and pass them on to all employees involved in a given assignment. As a result, customers do not have to repeat themselves and see that the company copes well with the flow of information among team members. Clients also want to be kept informed about the progress of their case and know at what stage their application is at a given moment. Particularly important from the recipient's perspective are any potential complications or delays that may postpone the completion of works or increase the costs of works. Of course, not only the regularity of messages is important, but also their form, which should be tailored to the preferences of a given client. It's worth remembering to provide different messaging options - some consumers prefer to receive e-mails and others prefer SMS or notifications appearing in the application.

How to choose a system to handle service requests?

The above customer expectations may seem easy to meet, but creating a customer service system that is characterized by professionalism and high quality is a real challenge. It is also worth remembering that the larger the company is and the more employees it has, the more difficult it becomes to organize activities effectively. The implementation of the system for handling service requests significantly helps in managing the work of the entire team and helps to gain control over its individual units. Choosing the right software is extremely important, so it is worth looking for a solution that meets the most important needs of your organization. What should you pay special attention to? Of course, the key factor will be the flexibility of the program offered and the ability to adapt it to the specifics of a given business. The selected system should offer a variety of expansion options, which is extremely important from the perspective of the company's development, the increasing complexity of the processes performed, and the increasing requirements of customers. It is worth looking for a system for handling service requests, which provides high automation and helps, for example, in recognizing customers or creating notifications about the progress of work. The key issue is also the ability to easily integrate the new system with other solutions used by our organization. Due to the fact that the software stores customer data, it should offer reliability, security and operate in accordance with legal regulations.

What does Luceos Smart help with?

Luceos Smart is a very popular choice for customers who are looking for a professional system to handle service requests because it responds to many of the above-mentioned challenges. Our mobile software for service in the cloud provides full integration with other key service processes, such as planning, supervision over the implementation of tasks, and settlement. Access to Luceos Smart can be purchased for a subscription fee in the Saas model, which means companies pay directly for the service and can use our program without the need for any investment. Luceos Smart offers various channels of contact with the customer, employees can send them messages via SMS, e-mails, a dedicated mobile application, or via the Client Portal. It is also important to note that the program is extremely flexible, and each company can adapt it to their current needs and modify depending on the pace of development of the organization.

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