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Working time and the working day - different ways of recording employee activity at work

Employee working time is one of the main aspects of organization management, which is paid attention to in modern companies. Recording employees' activity is primarily a way to effectively optimize the time and quality of their work, which will affect both the level of customer satisfaction and the condition of the entire organization. Controlling and managing the activity of employees is even more important in the case of coordinating the work of service teams. From the point of view of the employee, not only the quality of work counts but also its time (including commuting) and efficiency, as well as settlement (which is particularly important).

Monitoring the activity of service team employees

The inability to directly supervise a service employee by his supervisor results in the need to use tools that will help coordinators in remote control of their subordinates. Why is it so important to effectively distinguish the working time and the working day of field service employees? This is crucial for several very important reasons, including:

  • compliance with health and safety rules with the necessity to keep the employer's responsibility;

  • fulfilling the employer's obligations under the labor regulations;

  • settlement of the salary of the employee;

  • cost control of orders and settlements with clients;

  • control of the effectiveness of the team's work using predefined performance indicators.

How to record the activity of employees at work and for what?

Properly conducted and effective monitoring of employees' working time can bring a given company a consistent and complete collection of many necessary data. Why is it worth registering employees' activity at work? What data can be collected? The greatest benefits can be obtained from data collection in the following aspects:

  • calculation and billing overtime (paid/received);

  • calculation of the working day of each employee (start and end/breaks /private departures);

  • easy management of leaves, absences and overtime;

  • calculation of KPIs (% of "on the road" working time, % of "active" working time, etc.);

  • generating (automatic) invoice and billing data;

  • generating (automatic) administrative data (including data for the HR department).

jak rejestrować aktywność pracowników w pracy

Ways to record employee activity at work - do it right

A way to effectively control the working time of employees in a given organization may be a dedicated, integrated mobile service system. It is best if such a system in one of its modules enables the implementation of all aspects of service team working time control, thus enabling a given company to improve and automate related business systems. Below are some of the main tips on how such a modern system should be built:

  • easy and intuitive access via a mobile application or a dedicated portal;

  • making it possible to distinguish between types of working time (travel/active work/training/administrative work);

  • enable the recognition of the type of work (the order/project) and other important aspects (vehicle/distance/, etc.).

  • integration with the work plan and schedule, taking into account e.g. absences;

  • taking into account the specifics of each employee's work (place and working hours/team/vacation plans).

Any of the above information should be automatically downloadable for the effective management and billing of service team employees' working time.

A well-thought-out implementation of a coherent and complete work time registration system, provided by modern IT systems offered, for example, by Luceos Smart Service Management, may become the key to the success of many companies, including those with service teams. In addition to optimizing the working time of the teams themselves or increasing their profitability, it is possible to significantly reduce work in the field of administration and HR, which is of great importance in the case of large teams of employees.

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