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Registering team's work times - one of the functions of the program

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

When designing the Luceos Smart system, we took into account the diverse needs of our customers and created a number of useful modules that respond to them. One of the key functions of our program has become a professional work time registration system, which helps the management team to gain full control over all projects and to evaluate the effectiveness of each employee.

What does the working time registration system help with?

Enterprises regularly face new challenges posed by customers, competition, and world events. One of the latest trends that have significantly influenced the current reality is the spread of remote work. The increase in popularity of this phenomenon is a direct consequence of the global pandemic, but it is not difficult to guess that in many companies it will become part of everyday life. This means that employees who previously worked in offices and had regular contact with their superiors are now in a new situation. Such circumstances make a professional work time registration program an indispensable element in every company.

Working time registration - Luceos Smart program

The Luceos Smart working time registration module is a perfect solution for both larger enterprises and small and medium-sized companies. It is worth remembering that the software for the service Luceos Smart is based on a subscription model, and customers pay only for the modules they use. Thanks to this, the implementation of the program is extremely simple and quick. Each employee can download a mobile application to their Android phone and use it in the field. The program offers an extremely helpful START / STOP function, which allows you to record the working time in real-time. The Luceos Smart system provides the option of defining various types and categories of working times, which allows employees to record various types of activities in the system and link them to selected orders. This feature allows you to accurately monitor the various stages of work on an order or project.

As a result, managers are also able to accurately control all budgets. Employees can register their work through a convenient mobile application or use the Luceos Smart website. Thanks to this, it is possible to replenish working time not only from the office but also during trips to the field. You should also pay attention to the possibility of registering trips with the distance traveled, which allows you to obtain data on the time spent by employees on the road.

Integration of the TNA system with other modules

It is important to note that the TNA system, which is available in Luceos Smart, has been combined with several other key modules related to working time. One of them is the management of business trips, which enables both planning and accounting for business trips by employees. Additionally, the work time recording module also allows you to manage absences in the team, including the quick creation of vacation applications and reporting of time spent by employees on sick leave, holiday, and parental leaves. Managers can also monitor the limits of absence granted to individuals.

The time and attendance system presented by Luceos Smart provides users with regular reports that can be created automatically or on-demand. There is also an option to send them to people managing the team or to all team members. These reports can be forwarded to the HR department, where they will be used to calculate the salaries of individual employees. It is very important that when recording working time, Luceos Smart helps you detect any errors, including any missing fillings or overlapping working times. Our software also provides automatic notifications and offers friendly management panels that greatly facilitate the work at every stage, help reduce costs and support the efficiency of the organization.

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