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Project management and the service program - benefits

It happens that companies limit their control of the service work only to recording the overall costs of the service team, which include elements such as materials used, employee salaries or expenses for travel to the customer and business trips. However, this approach means that it is extremely difficult to calculate the costs of individual orders, tasks and projects. Fortunately, there are innovative service programs on the market - such as Luceos Smart - that offer this feature and make project management much easier, both from the perspective of the service company and the customer.

Effective project management and the service program

The requirements of modern customers are growing every year, and service companies must meet their expectations and offer modern IT solutions that take into account the increasing complexity of the ordered work. More and more customers are opting for contracts that cover a longer period, a wider range of services, and a broad geographic area. These orders are combined into larger projects that must be accounted and monitored separately. Especially when working with larger clients, very often individual terms of service and settlement are individually negotiated. As a result, specific customers may have different rules for commercial billing, including hourly rates and discounts on the cost of materials or other terms of service provision, including response time to requests. While managing individual orders and works is quite simple, in the case of complex projects, the key will be innovative project management software, which allows for efficient supervision and planning of works at a level higher than a single order or one location.

Key functions of service project management programs

Each manager strives to facilitate project management and the Luceos Smart offers a number of key functions that enable the organization of service work within projects. One of the key options is the ability to assign individual service orders and tasks to specific projects, which allows them to be planned and monitored from the point of view of a given project. Of course, working times, materials and parts used, as well as their costs can be counted not only as part of orders but also in terms of the project. The most important advantages include the possibility of linking the project with a service contract, which enables the definition of dedicated commercial conditions, service implementation conditions (SLA), as well as the scope of work performed. The program also allows you to assign a dedicated team of employees to the project, as well as a sub-supplier whose services will be outsourced.

The benefits of software for service in project management

The choice of a modern IT system provides many benefits and allows for more efficient project management in the company. It offers multi-dimensional planning and optimization of the use of the team, which is associated with the creation of project schedules and the implementation of services within the set indicators (SLA). The project management service software enables automatic determination and monitoring of the project budget, as well as its key financial indicators, based on the work performed, materials used, and the work of the team. Employees can set up orders and tasks, including repetitive ones, which greatly facilitates planning progress in the implementation of the project scope and allows for their effective control. Importantly, both the client and the company's employees have access to key information and are able to monitor all work in real-time. This option is provided by the mobile system for the service Luceos Smart and/or the Partner Portal, which makes it much easier to monitor progress and allows you to control the current budget.

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