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PG Systems - how Luceos Smart mobile technology helps to efficiently register work hours

PG Systems is a company specializing in the construction and distribution of industrial automation systems, robotics, and electrical engineering. The company also provides services in the field of renovation, repair, maintenance, and modernization of machines and their control systems, as well as consulting and distribution of electronic equipment. The PG Systems team carries out projects all over Poland, so teams of technicians and engineers spend a lot of time in the field, often working on several projects simultaneously.

PG Systems implemented the Luceos Smart Service Management solution in 2019. The company's president, Piotr Gierda, deciding to implement the new system set a specific task by the Luceos Intelligence implementation team:

"Luceos Smart has to make the registration of working hours on various projects simple and possible from everywhere, and the system has to make sure that employees register their hours correctly and without delays."

PG Systems and Luceos Intelligence teams decided to use the Luceos Smart mobile application. The PG Systems management team also started to use the Luceos Smart web-portal.

The head of the field team is also satisfied with the cooperation with Luceos Intelligence:

"The implementation was very quick and efficient. At the moment, together with my team, we can focus on the task itself and work with the client. Luceos Smart takes care of administrative matters. Adding a new project takes a moment, and then the system itself collects data from employees and monitors the budget status of each project."

The company's management, accounting, and project managers have real-time visibility into data about each project from field workers. The system helps employees with timely data entry by detecting potential delays and sending reminders in the form of SMS messages.

Regardless of the size of the implementation, the Luceos Intelligence team adjusts the configuration of the Luceos Smart system to the specific needs and business processes of an individual client.

Luceos Smart system architect, Piotr Pękalski presents the implementation methodology:

"When deciding on the configuration of the Luceos Smart system, we follow business priorities defined by a client. On this basis, we select one or more Luceos Smart modules - from among more than twenty available - and in the next step we configure each of them according to a client's needs. As a result, the system can be tailored to the needs of small teams, like 10 people, as well as for large organizations. The implementation project - of course depending on the complexity of the requirements - can be completed even within few days. "

Piotr Gierda from PG Systems considers the implementation successful:

"Since the implementation of the Smart Luceos have been completed, we have access to current data for each of our projects and work hours of each employee. At the same time, we reduced administrative costs. The Luceos Intelligence team in a professional and efficient manner - based on our specific needs - selected and launched the appropriate set of Luceos Smart system functions."

PG Systems is a modern and innovative company that leads the country in the implementation of projects in the field of industrial automation and robotics. Contact:


Find out more about Luceos Smart modules: Working Time and Projects.


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