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Subcontractor Portal - new app in Luceos Smart Service Management

The Subcontractor Portal is a new application in the Luceos Smart Service Management family.


The new Portal is an application for subcontractors and partners available from any web browser. It allows a bi-directional information exchange with a sub-contractor or a partner in terms of handling technical problems, requests for quotations and execution of service orders.

The portal also allows you to exchange technical documentation and to control each stage of execution of orders, service desks tickets and tasks. The Subcontractor Portal is tightly integrated with other programs in the Luceos Smart Service Management family such as the Client Portal, the management Portal and mobile applications supporting the work of the service technician and the user of the equipment in the field. Integration ensures immediate data exchange across all programs and consistency of all business processes throughout the whole service organization.


For additional information about functionalities of the Subcontractor Portal, capabilities of adapting it to the specific requirements and business processes or about costs, please contact us via the contact form.

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